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Diabetes Gift Guide from dLife - Top Picks in Diabetic Gifts

Diabetes Gift Guide from dLife - Top Picks in Diabetic Gifts:

17 – High-tech Menu Planner
If your loved one has a hand held device, they can carry their menu plans, recipes, etc. everywhere they go. Convenient tools like these can help keep diabetes manageable.

18 – House Shoes with Protective Soles
Neuropathy is a major complication of diabetes so people with diabetes should have something on their feet at all times, even at home. Comfy slippers with a tough sole that prevent items such as tacks from getting through can help keep delicate feet safe.

19 – iPod
Certainly one of the most popular ways to have your music and podcast your way. Small in size, this high-tech gift can tag along with any walker or runner, indoors or out.

20 – Kitchen Tools
It’s important to eat as healthy as possible when managing a disease like diabetes. So fun kitchen gadgets can help make food preparation enjoyable.

21 – Socks
When you were a kid, you were probably disappointed to get any type of clothing. But as an adult, you’ve grown to appreciate really great footwear. Check out our foot care video and consider fleece or material that lets the foot breathe.

22 – Statuette with Meaningful Inscription
For something completely different, award your favorite person with a special statuette. You can inscribe it to say 'Hero', 'Achiever', or 'No. 1' to name a few. Perfect for the holidays and other special occasions too.

23 – Travel Pouch
For those who take insulin, a travel pouch is a must, and just like any other regularly used item, it can wear out. If you look, you can find all kinds of colors and styles to match all kinds of personalities.

24 – Visit with a Diabetes Educator
Sometimes a person needs a hand to hold. Arrange a visit with a CDE to start the New Year off right by helping your loved one get their diabetes under control.

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